Auto-Adjust P7-IL In-Line Dog Clamp

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P7-IL Auto-Adjust In-Line Dog Clamp is fitted with a Split Dog Peg that inserts and tightens into a Dog Hole. Eliminates the need for constant readjustment and enables the clamp to maintain clamping pressure regardless of material thickness.

The hardened steel Push Rod applies consistent pressure over a range of material thickness up to 3.75″. Use with Armor Dog Fences to brace material. Great for securing long panels.


Adjustable Clamping Pressure: The integrated clamping pressure adjustment screw is used to create a wide range of clamping pressures. Rotate the adjustment screw clockwise to decrease the pressure and counterclockwise to increase it. To engage clamp, set push bar against material and press down on the handle.
Versatile Split Dog Peg: Allows clamping wherever a 20mm (Festool and European dog tables) or 3/4″(most standard US dog tables) dog hole is present and has the ability to rotate 360 degrees, enabling quick setups. If you do not have a peg table, simply drill a 3/4″ hole in any worktable.
To engage clamp, set push bar against material and press down on the handle.
Hardened Steel Push Rod: Adjusts in and out quickly to hold varying shapes and sizes up to 3.5″.
Large Handle: Horizontal handle features soft inset for maximum grip and comfort.
Hardened Plastic Tip With Non-Marring Pad: Center notch for secure corner clamping. Also holds rounded materials.
Rotating Lock Knob: Secures clamp in Dog Hole.

*Note Recommended minimum table thickness is 3/4″ for optimal pressure and stability.
Use product only as intended. Modification or use in conjunction with another product or bracket for resale is prohibited. Please contact Armor with any integration resale applications.

Warning: For your protection ALWAYS wear safety goggles, gloves and other appropriate safety equipment.


Model No: P7-IL
Clamping Thickness: 3.75″
Adjustable Clamping Force: 25-550 lbs.
Holding Capacity: 700 lbs.*
Approx. Weight: 1.3 lbs.
Fits: 20mm or 3/4″ Peg Hole
Min. Table Thickness: 3/4″ for optimal clamping

* Subject to variations in spindle setting and table material.

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 4 in

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Excellent products!

These horizontal-pressure clamps fit in both 20mm- and 3/4"-hole tables. They are low-profile and well-built. Armor is an excellent manufacturer. For the budge-conscious, they often have discounted promotions. Take advantage of them.

Theo Ebing
Perfect tool for the job!

I use the in-line dog clamps to secure my stock on my cnc router. Perfect tool for the job every time! The days of using double-sided tape are gone! No other clamp comes close to the Armor tool quality!

Steven Ringer
Clever tool

Autoadjusting peg for great fit. Works perfectly

Shane O'Neill
Works Great!

This is a staple in my wood carving arsenal. Would recommend having at least one for sure.

David Feinglass
Really useful

I had to make some large wooden washers for a school project. The outer cut was easy, I just chopped up some dowel rods. But cutting the inner hole in the 1.5" discs proved to be difficult to clamp down. I tried it on the drill press and it was not easily repeatable with any accuracy. I ended up using two of these inline auto adjust push clamps to squeeze the discs tight so I could drill the center out. It worked perfectly, quick and easy to change the discs out (I had to do ~30 of them). I have 50 other clamps and these worked perfectly for this unique job. They adjust well, easily and grip tight. Lots of uses on the bench with dog holes.

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