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Armor’s New MINI-JIG features all the same self-adjusting features as the Auto-Jig in a smaller portable body. Self-Adjusting Guide Block, Drill Bit Collar, & Color-Coat Screw System. 

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The Mini-Jig's Self Adjusting Features!


The Mini-Jig Offers unprecedented efficiency and convenience. 

Instead of taking 4,5, or 6 different steps like many other pocket hole system. You can measure your piece, adjust your drill guide block and drill bit collar in ONE-STEP.

Simply grab your workpiece with the Mini-Jig caliper by pushing the center lock button and engaging the system. The Drill Guide Block and Drill Bit Collar will automatically make adjustments based off the the material thickness giving you the correct depth and angle while creating the most accurate and efficient pocket holes. All while the Color-Coat system gives you the optimal screw length. 

Change from a 2×4 to 3/4″ piece of paneling without resetting, just clamp and go! 

Lastly, it is constructed of steel, nylon, and blown fiberglass for superior durability. 



Originally, we had anticipated a Father’s Day release of the Mini-Jig. With well-known supply chain and fulfilment issues plaguing multiple industries, it has unfortunately affected our release as well.  We are moving our launch date to September 1st to ensure an accurate arrival and delivery time. 

What does this mean? 
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Grab workpieces up to an 1-1/2″ thick with the Mini-Jig caliper by engaging the center lock button. Once you grab your workpiece the drill guide block will automatically self adjust to the correct height and angle based off the material thickness. That’s it, you’re done! 

2. Self Adjusting
Drill Bit Collar

Just like the Guide Block, the Drill Bit Collar will automatically adjust to the correct depth simultaneously synchronized with the Guide Block. Just tighten with the onboard allen wrench and you’re ready to drill.  

3. Clamp And GO!

The Mini-Jig is equipped with a magnetic clamp pad. Simply clamp the jig to your workpiece and drill. For optimal efficiency, use Armor’s Auto-Adjust Face Clamps that can clamp varying thicknesses without making adjustments. 

 Clamp and GO!

4. Color Coded Screw Guide (Color-Coat System)

To ensure accuracy, our Color-Coat system matches the optimal screw length in relation to the thickness of the material and depth of the pocket hole. For example (see video) the material is 3/4″, the guide block indicates a 1 1/2 screw” and matches a red 1 1/2″ screw for optimal joining. The Color-Coat system also serves as an anti-corrosive coating. Perfect for indoor and outdoor activities. 


Armor Mini-Jig

Other Jigs

Automatically Adjust Drill Guide Block to Correct Height

Automatically Sets Drill Bit Stop Collar

Magnetic Clamp Pad

Automatically Selects Screw Size

Maximum Durability Steel, Nylon, & Fiberglass Construction


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