Self-Adjusting Jig

The Auto-Jig is the only pocket hole jig that automatically self-adjusts the guide block, drill bit collar, and clamp base off the material thickness.  

The Auto-Jig's Self Adjusting Features!


The Auto-Jig Offers unprecedented efficiency and convenience. 

Instead of through 4,5, or 6 different steps like many other pocket hole system. You can produce pocket holes in ONE-STEP.

Simply put your workpiece into the Auto-Jig, engage the system, and the Drill Guide Block and Drill Bit Collar will automatically make adjustments based off the the material thickness giving you the correct depth and angle while creating the most accurate and efficient pocket holes. The Auto-Adjust clamp can clamp any thickness without resetting, and the Color-Coat system gives you the optimal screw length. 

Change from a 2×4 to 3/4″ piece of paneling without resetting, just clamp and go! 

Lastly, it is constructed of steel, nylon, and blown fiberglass for superior durability. 


Insert your workpiece into the Auto-Jig and engage, the drill guide block will automatically self adjust to the correct height and angle based off the material thickness. That it, you’re done! 

2. Self Adjusting
Drill Bit Collar

Just like the Guide Block, the Drill Bit Collar will automatically adjust to the correct depth simultaneously synchronized with the Guide Block. Just tighten with the onboard allen wrench and you’re ready to drill.  

3. Auto-Adjust Clamp Makes Set Up Easy

The most efficient and versatile way to secure your workpiece. The Auto-Jig is equipped with our patented Auto-Adjust technology which allow you to clamp varying thicknesses without readjusting your clamp, while maintaining consistent pressure. Clamp 1/2″ or 1 1/4″, you get consistent pressure without readjusting. Clamp and GO!

4. Color Coded Screw Guide (Color Coat System)

To ensure accuracy, our Color-Coat system matches the optimal screw length in relation to the thickness of the material and depth of the pocket hole. For example (see picture) the material is 3/4″, the guide block indicates 3/4″ and matches a yellow screw for optimal joining 

at 1 1/4″. 

The Color-Coat system also serves as an anti-corrosive coating. Perfect for indoor and outdoor activities. 


Armor Auto-Jig

Other Jigs

Automatically Adjust Drill Guide Block to Correct Height

Automatically Sets Drill Bit Stop Collar

Automatically Adjusting Clamp. No resetting.

Automatically Select Screw Size

Maximum Durability Steel, Nylon, & Fiberglass Construction