Automatic 3-Piece Plier Set


Armor’s Automatically Adjusting Pliers Set features the 10″ Groove Jaw Plier, 7″ Needle Nose Plier, and 6″ Groove Jaw Mini Plier. All pliers feature Armor’s Auto-Adjust technology enabling the jaws to adjust and grip varying thicknesses without readjusting. You should be focused on your project and not on adjusting your tools and these pliers will help you get any job done quicker. This is true convenience perfect for the shop, home, or car. Armor’s patented Auto-Adjust feature make it easy work on your project.

Simply adjust the pressure screw to the desired pressure and the jaws will grip any thickness applying consistent pressure no matter the size. The handle comes with a soft grip to reduce fatigue and work with comfort.

6″ Automatic Curved Jaw Soft Grip
Item No. 06105
Jaw Opening 1″
Throat Depth 3/8″
Jaw Width   3/8″

7″ Automatic Needle Nose Soft Grip
Item No. 09305
Jaw Opening 1 1/2″
Throat Depth 2 1/4″
Jaw Width   1/2″

10″ Automatic Curved Jaw Soft Grip
Item No. 10105
Jaw Opening  2″
Throat Depth 1 1/4″
Jaw Width   1/2″

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 5 in

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
My go to pliers instead of ViceGrips

I have been using these pliers for a few years and hands-down they are my favorite pliers when I need to make sure of a solid grip on something. The ease of use and the capability are unsurpassed.

Jon Herron
You converted a skeptic

I was skeptical about the Armor locking pliers ("Vice-Grips"). But I bought the three-piler set anyway, and wow… I hope never to see my old Vice-Grips again.

I am still not quite sure how they do it, but the tensioning system works beautifully without having to constantly tweak a knob for the size of whatever you need to grab.

John Fandel
Leave Vice Grips in the dust

The quality, ease of use and feel are exceptional. I bought the set, and within a month, they became my go-to for all my locking pliers needs.

Samuel Rivera
They are great

I love the simplicity of these pliers. I use them all the time.

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