6″ Multi-Purpose C-Clamp

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Multi-Purpose C-Clamps feature Auto Adjust technology that enables the jaws to automatically adjust to and grip different size objects quickly without manually fine tuning the adjustment. Set the desired clamping pressure, and the jaws apply that pressure to the different sizes of material. No continuous adjustment needed.

Unprecedented convenience. Features a Swivel Tip, Soft Grip (w/removable pad). Ideal for Jigging, Metal fabrication and Wood clamping.


6” Clamping Force 25-250 lbs.

Jaw Range 4.5”

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 4 in

Customer Reviews

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Mark Aramaki
Great clamp

Armor's C-clamp have replaced my previous ones I had before. Works great!

Ricardo Guzman
Multi clamp

So far a great clamp used it multiple times, I like the no adjusting put on wood piece and your ready to go. I have the tree piece pliers set they work great.

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