Armor Clamp Crash Exchange Program

We always get the question, “What is the difference between your clamps and the competing clamps?” This all comes down to the technology within the clamping mechanism. We use a Cam-Lock system, while the competing clamps use a wedge lock system. But the differences between these two technologies are vast and can not only affect the performance or the clamp, but the life-span.

Armor is taking this very seriously and believes if you purchased an automatically adjusting clamp, you deserve a functioning one! So, if you have purchased a “wedge-lock” automatically adjusting clamp that does not work correctly and your experiencing some of the problems listed in the videos below – let us know and we will replace your clamp with an Armor Clamp.

How It Works?

  1. Watch the video to understand the problems with “Wedge Lock” vs “Cam Lock Technology”
  2. Make a video showing the problems with your malfunctioning (auto-adjusting) wedge lock clamp
  3. Share with us via Instagram or Facebook
  4. Tag @Armor_Tool for Instagram or @Armor Tool for Facebook with  #armortool  and #clampcrashexchange
  5. Post and we will send you a new clamp!

(If you do not have social media, please email us your submission to




Rules & Regulations:
After submission, allow two weeks for review and shipping. Must be an Automatically Adjusting clamp purchased with the last 3 years. Limit 1 clamp exchange per person (per social media account and address) . The post must contain the correct tags, if they do not, submission is not eligible. Limited to Cont. United States. Limited quantity (500) – Promotion ends at any time that quantity is reached. Contact for questions or information. End Dec. 1, 2018.